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Would you like to know more about yourself? Pheona can help!

She studied for 20-years with her mother-in-law Helene Hadsell and am well qualified to provide you with a quality document for your enjoyment as she uses her techniques. Although Helene is no longer with us, Pheona promised her that she would continue to provide this service to those who desire to know more about themselves.

Personal IN-sights she gathers and shares with YOU. What makes you tick-click-get sick? Are you mad-sad-glad about life? Your Informative-Productive-Harvest cycles. What’s your name: FAME-SHAME-BLAME? ASTROLOGY-NUMEROLOGY-YOUR ANIMAL SIGN in CHINESE. MASTER NUMBERS–Do you have an 11-22-33? If so, you have a lot of hidden potential. Are you using it? What do the cards say about YOU? I never cease to be amazed as to what you can learn from this technique. KARMIC ties will clue you in on your family and friends. Your BLUEPRINT is a permanent treasure to refer to as it encompasses the rest and best of your life.

Ordering your Blueprint

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What is a Blueprint?

Excerpt from Contesting: The Name It & Claim It Game

The following formula that I have used for the past 50 years to compile Blueprints is called UNITOLOGY. It includes Astrology, Numerology, Playing Cards, Chinese Astrology, KI-ology, Karmic Ties, Master Numbers, Past Life techniques, Toning (which is your personal note to resonate healing), your Personal Year charted, plus a review and suggestions and impressions that I am led to share with the person.

NOTE: The way Helene uses the word UNITOLOGY is meaning; the unity of all types of metaphysical and spiritual methodologies to discover your life path, purpose, and flow with divine timing, versus the religious church or cult using the same term.

UNITOLOGY is neither a religion nor a form of fortune-telling; rather, it is a method for timing your decisions and actions with the rhythm of life. KNOW that you can change your destiny when you change your thinking. UNITOLOGY can fulfill the need of people that are eagerly searching for a person or book that can help them in human understanding. The simplicity of this method of self-analysis is the answer that I still use today.

I present the personalized information in a twenty-page photo album so that one can refer to it periodically. The following is an explanation I share from my personal experiences and research. You may accept or reject my opinions.

You chose your parents. Your parents gave you a name. Your higher self gave you your MISSION. As you read and review your Blueprint, always Accentuate the positive and Eliminate the negative.

Our life is divided into three major cycles. The first major cycle is the MONTH number. This cycle represents the FORMATIVE years and sets the tone for the entire life. It also represents the condition in which you were born. This is the cycle when you form your value and belief systems. It represents experiences related to your family, childhood, schooling, religion, and your environment. PYTHAGORAS taught that there are NINE BASIC NUMBERS; all else is REPETITION. Therefore, whenever we encounter a compound number, we reduce it to a single digit. Unless it adds up to an 11, 22 or 33 which we call MASTER NUMBERS. This means that you have more energy to work with.

Each lifetime that we are on planet earth in a physical body, we have a MISSION, also referred to as our DESTINY NUMBER. How we find that number is by adding your birth date numbers and reduce until you get a single digit. For example, if your birthday is September 4, 1960 (9/4/1960), you obtain your Mission/Destiny Number like this: 9+4+1960 = 1973. 1+9+7+3=20.  2+0=2. Your Mission/Destiny Number is 2.

I used to be amazed how many people had no idea what their Mission/Destiny is. People from all walks of life and from all over the world are now requesting to have their Blueprint charted.