Giving Your Brand the Royal Treatment

We help small businesses with the ins and out of each digital or social platform, dovetailing each activity together and to all offline marketing activities.

Digital Marketing Consulting


You can’t get to ‘B’ if you don’t know where ‘A’ is.

Are you feeling stuck? Do you need your current marketing plan reviewed? Unsure what programs you should be running next? I review your business, brainstorm with you and create an annual marketing plan, a project launch or even a million-dollar idea.


It’s called SOCIAL media for a reason.

Do you need help with your social media strategy? Having trouble negotiating the ever-shifting playing field of online platforms? Did you want to learn how to use a specific social media platform? I help small businesses learn the ins and out of each platform, dovetailing each activity together and to all offline marketing activities.

Community Management & Social Media Training

Community Management & Social Media Training

Why dig a garden with a spoon when you can use a shovel?

Don’t have time to ‘Facebook’? Don’t understand Twitter? I work with companies and: create their digital marketing strategy, teach them how to use and/or manage all their social accounts, or manage their online community for them.

I can also teach you how to use the programs, apps and tools that make connecting, engaging and social listening easier.

Content Creation and Curation

Content Creation and Curation

Content isn’t King, it’s the Kingdom. ~ Lee Odden

Stumped as to what text should be on your website? Not sure what topics you should cover in your next blog or newsletter? I can help. I rule at writing everything from tweets, to posts, to blogs and articles. I can write one tweet or 100, standalone articles or a series. Social media is about connecting and engaging. I source and aggregate topic, industry, product or service related material for you to expand upon or share with your followers, fans, prospects and clients.

Sweepstakes Marketing

Sweepstakes Marketing

Giveaways are the most exciting and fun way to engage with your customers and prospects.

With over fifteen years of giveaway marketing experience, I have created a specialized series of promotional marketing services that:

  • manually viral out your promotion to the entire contest and sweepstakes community,
  • help you develop and refine your giveaway in a way that leaves every contestant with a positive feeling about your product, service and company,
  • as well as buying actions that go beyond the end of the promotion.